Boat and Trailer Storage Mornington Peninsula

Yaringa provides versatile trailer boat storage solutions for all sizes on the Mornington Peninsula, whether undercover or outside, to meet your specific needs.

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Trailer Boat Storage Mornington Peninsula

Covered Comfort, Secure Surroundings.

Whether undercover or outdoors, our trailer boat storage options provide a safe haven for your prized possession:

Gated and Secure

Your peace of mind is paramount. Our storage areas are gated and under constant surveillance with 24/7 CCTV.

On-Hand Services

Local mechanics and specialized marine services are readily available when you need them.


A premium solution for safeguarding your vessel. Shielded from the elements, our undercover storage ensures protection from weather extremes, maintaining your boat’s pristine condition. Gated and monitored 24/7, this secure space offers peace of mind, complemented by convenient access to local mechanics and specialised marine services.

Whether for short layovers or extended periods, our undercover boat and trailer storage on the Mornington Peninsula provides a sheltered haven. With the added benefit of CCTV surveillance and a graded surface, trust Yaringa to preserve your trailer boat in optimal condition, ensuring it’s ready for your next aquatic adventure.


Experience convenient and secure Outside Trailer Boat Storage in the Mornington Peninsula at Yaringa Boat Harbour. Our graded and clean outdoor storage spaces offer a reliable solution for accommodating your trailer boat. Monitored 24/7 by CCTV surveillance and securely gated, your vessel remains under constant protection.

Whether for short-term layovers or extended periods, this storage option provides accessibility and peace of mind. With local mechanics and specialized marine services at your fingertips, Yaringa ensures your trailer boat is well-cared-for in an easily accessible outdoor space, ready for your next venture onto the water. Trust us for reliable, open-air boat and trailer storage tailored to your needs.

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