Marina Berth Mornington Peninsula

Discover the unparalleled combination of safety, comfort, and natural beauty at Yaringa Boat Harbour on the Mornington Peninsula– where every maria berth is a promise of security and every visit is an invitation to savour the serenity of the sea.
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Marina berth Mornington Peninsula

Your vessel’s safe harbour

At Yaringa Boat Harbour, we understand the importance of ensuring your vessel is in capable hands. Our harbour berths provide a secure haven within our highly protected waterway, promising peace of mind for boat owners.

Modern Facilities for Modern Voyagers

Our newly constructed modern walkways and docks are tailor-made to accommodate vessels up to 17 meters, ensuring a seamless docking experience. The generously designed berth areas are equipped with essential amenities to enhance your boating experience.

Amenities Include:

Shore Power

Access reliable shore power to keep your vessel charged and ready for your next maritime escapade.

Fresh Water

Quench your vessel’s thirst with our readily available fresh water supply.

Secure Gateways

Our state-of-the-art secure gateways guarantee controlled access, ensuring the safety of your vessel and peace of mind for you.

24/7 CCTV Monitoring

We prioritize the safety of your vessel. Our cutting-edge CCTV monitoring system operates round the clock, providing an extra layer of security.


Your home away from home

Yaringa Boat Harbour isn’t just a harbour; it’s a welcoming destination for visitors seeking a tranquil respite. Whether you’re stopping by for a leisurely lunch or planning an overnight stay, our guest berths offer the perfect blend of comfort and convenience.

Amenities Include:

Natural Tranquility

Immerse yourself in the peaceful embrace of our natural setting, surrounded by the beauty of Yaringa’s pristine waters.

Comfortable Amenities

Our recently upgraded bathrooms ensure that your stay is not only enjoyable but also comfortable.

Waterfront Dining

Indulge in the culinary delights of our waterfront restaurant, offering a delectable menu that perfectly complements the stunning views.

We eagerly anticipate welcoming you and your vessel to Yaringa Boat Harbour. To secure your marina or guest berth on the Mornington Peninsula, simply call our office, and our friendly staff will assist you in making arrangements. Whether it’s a brief stopover or an extended stay, Yaringa is ready to make your maritime experience truly memorable.

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