At Yaringa, we go beyond conventional marina services, striving to meet every aspect of your boating journey.

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Your vessel’s safe harbour

Yaringa Harbour is your all-encompassing solution for vessel needs, offering a range of services such as haulage, lifting, moving, and hardstand options. Whether it’s transporting, lifting, or securing your vessel on hardstand, we ensure a comprehensive approach tailored to your maritime requirements.

Our facilities, equipped with cutting-edge technology and a skilled team, guarantee a seamless experience for all types of vessels.  At Yaringa, we go beyond conventional marina services, striving to meet every aspect of your boating journey with excellence and efficiency. Trust us for a complete solution that aligns with your vessel’s unique needs at every stage.


Taking you upward and beyond!

Yaringa is elevating its capabilities with travel lifts that now reach up to 75 tonnes. Our fleet includes 35-tonne and 40-tonne lifts, and the latest addition—the ASCOM beauty—brings unmatched strength to handle vessels up to 75 tonnes. A significant boost comes from our anchor tenant, Hart Marine, sponsoring this remarkable addition. This ASCOM lift marks a new era, allowing us to cater to larger vessels locally. No more interstate searches for premium services; Yaringa brings top-tier capabilities to your Victorian doorstep.


Heavy lifting made possible by Yaringa

Experience seamless boat transport with our robust ABI hydraulic trailer. Precision-engineered for smooth in-water and out-of-water movements, its potent hydraulic system, dynamic shaft, and adjustable suspension frame ensure remarkable flexibility to accommodate various vessel dimensions.

With a hauling capacity of up to 38 tonnes, its fully adjustable height and width, coupled with a gentle cushioned suspension frame, provide a secure cradle for your hull. Like cradling a baby, it guarantees stability, care, and safety in all conditions. Trust our hydraulic trailer for a reliable and gentle handling of your vessel, making every transport effortless.


Hardstand Dry Storage

Yaringa Harbour’s hardstand is a secure haven for vessels, whether for short-term maintenance or long-term care. Gated and monitored 24/7, our hardstand area, managed by certified yard staff, ensures a safe and accessible space. With immediate access to essential services and amenities, it’s where vessels receive premium care, tailored to their unique needs.

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