Boat Storage Hastings

Boat Storage

Boat Storage for Hastings Are you a boat owner in Hastings searching for a secure and dependable boat storage solution? Yaringa Boat Harbour offers premier boat storage facilities tailored to meet the needs of Hastings boat owners. With our state-of-the-art amenities and commitment to safety, we provide peace of mind while your vessel is in […]

Western Port Marina Hastings

Western Port Bay - Marina Services for Mornington & Hastings

Western Port Marina Hastings Are you a boat owner searching for the ideal marina and storage solution for your vessel in Hastings? Yaringa Boat Harbour, located in the Western Port is the premier choice for those seeking top-notch facilities and marina services offering Hastings a perfect blend of convenience, state-of-the-art amenities, and a vibrant community, […]

Self Storage Unit in Mornington

Self Storage Unit in Mornington In an era of accumulating possessions, the need for additional space has led to the rise of the self storage unit industry. These facilities offer a flexible, secure, and convenient way to store belongings temporarily or long-term, catering to both personal and business needs. Particularly in Mornington, the availability of […]

 Boat Mooring in Mornington and Melbourne

Boat Mooring for Mornington and Melbourne

Boat Mooring in Mornington & Melbourne What is Boat Mooring? Boat mooring refers to the method of securing a boat to a fixed point, preventing it from drifting in bodies of water. This point can be a mooring buoy, a dock, or an anchor. The primary aim is to keep the boat stable and secure […]

Boat Haul Out Mornington Peninsula

Boat Haul Out Mornington Peninsula What is a Boat Haul Out? The practice of a boat haul out is an essential maintenance task for every boat owner, ensuring the vessel’s longevity and performance. This procedure involves taking the boat out of the water to inspect, clean, and repair its hull and other components that are […]

Boat Storage Facility on the Mornington Peninsula

Boat Storage Facility on the Mornington Peninsula Are you a vessel owner searching for reliable boat storage facilities near you? If so, consider Yaringa Boat Harbour, an esteemed name for those in quest of a safe and secured boat storage facility on the Mornington Peninsula. This picturesque locale is not just a haven for your […]

Looking forward to 2024

The end of 2023 brought a whirlwind of excitement to Yaringa Boat Harbour, with significant improvements and exciting developments across the yard, office, and all Yaringa operations. Looking back, it’s time to share some of the highlights and give a glimpse of what’s to come in 2024 for our valued members.

The Yaringa Vision

Yaringa Boat Harbour is not just a place for boat enthusiasts; it’s a dynamic community vision that extends far beyond just the water’s edge. Within its evolving identity, three distinct ideas are weaving an offering that caters to different audiences, creating a harbour with a multitude of features. Join with us as we delve into the core concepts shaping Yaringa’s vision and how they are poised to transform this Western Port destination.

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