Ryan Sails Sailmakers Yaringa


Here at Ryan Sails we are committed to friendly, reliable service for all your sail needs. We offer services including sail and cover repair and new sails. Our sailmaker, Phyllida, has been in the business for over 10 years. She started out at Lee Sails in 2007 and was there until they shut their doors in 2017. She then bought Ryan Sails from David Ryan in 2018 and now runs the business with passion and a deep well of knowledge.

Every sailor has different needs when it comes to the sails that they use. Whether the sails are being used for racing, cruising of both, they all will be treated with the care and attention needed to make the best sail, fit for purpose. Sails for the small dinghy in your garage, to the 60ft (or bigger) yacht of your dreams; no matter if it’s a bermuda rig, gaff rig, tall ship or viking warship, we can make them all.

No matter your needs or wants, we are happy to answer any questions, helping you find the best sail solution for your needs.

Contact: Phyllida
Phone: (03) 5977 4988 
Email: phyllida@ryansails.com.au
Website: www.ryansails.com.au