5th October 2016


I plan to take my boat to Corner Inlet in December or January, I will return about next April.

If any other boat owner would like to join me on a trip down – power or sail, I can coordinate a summer cruise to Refuge Cove and Corner Inlet – (my favourite boating grounds). I would be happy to motor along at 5-7 knots if others are sailing or at 12-15 knots if power boats join in. There is safety in numbers.

Wilsons Promontory, Corner Inlet and the close Bass Strait Islands are a wonderful cruising ground. Refuge Cove is the most pristine, protected and beautiful destination anchorage in Victoria. The surrounding waters are great cruising, and rounding South East Point and heading north towards Refuge is a wonderful boating experience and adventure.

The islands around the Prom are beautiful and there are several protected anchorages, however Refuge Cove is the most beautiful and relaxing – except when the wind blows from the East or North East.

In Easterly conditions I move up to Corner Inlet where Tin Mine Cove, Chinaman Beach and Freshwater Cove provide a protected anchorage, and relaxing boating conditions. There are excellent walks on shore at Refuge and Corner Inlet amid pristine coastal vegetation – the walk from Tin Mine to Chinaman long beach is particularly enticing with excellent views across Corner Inlet and its islands.

The fishing around the Prom is like fishing used to be – and in corner inlet the fishing is excellent between the many sandbars. Corner inlet is a natural fish nursery and the professional fishermen for Port Franklin, Port Welshpool have fished here for 150 years.

If boat captains wish for an extended Summer Cruise – I can arrange for temporary boat berth at Port Franklin – up to 8 boats for 3-4 weeks. Port Franklin is well up the Franklin River and is accessible to yacht up to 40 feet, and power boats up to 55 ft. Port Franklin is protected from winds and the locals keep a very close eye on all boat movements and any odd visitors to the area. There is only 1 road into Port Franklin. The Franklin River is tidal and deep draft boats can only enter and exit on the upper part of the tide. The channel entrance is tricky and people need to be shown the route.

If anyone would like to cruise further – Deal Island is 60 nautical miles SE of Refuge and is an excellent destination cruise extension.\

Bass Strait can be uncomfortable and unforgiving – we will only travel when conditions are safe and comfortable to do so. There would be safety briefings including the course plans, minimum requirements for safety equipment, minimum spares and supplies.

Fuel supplies are available at Port Welshpool with 30,000 litre fuel tank at the pier, however this is a commercial port and often trawlers pull up and take on 20,000 litres of fuel. It is necessary to ring before and coordinate fuel supplies.

There are boat repair facilities around the area and marine mechanics available for engine servicing and repairs. The slip way at Port Welshpool is a commercial operation and will handle boats up to 75 tonnes.

Any boat owner interested – please call 0419 992 939 or ask at the Marina office.

I will plan an introductory meeting to discuss the area, the proposed course, safety requirements, minimum spares and materials. If interested call or leave details at Marina office.

Des Berry – 0419 992 939