power-vesselsAre your navigation lights and anchor lights in good working order? Is your all-round light visible 360 degrees and up to 2 nautical miles?



Make sure that your all-round lights are clean and bright, and in a suitable location. The light should not be blocked by rod holders or similar. They need to sit high enough to be visible 360 degrees.

The information below is taken from Maritime Safety Victoria. Click here for more information.




Vessel navigation lights

It is more difficult to judge speeds and distances at night or in restricted visibility.


The Marine Safety Act requires that lights must be displayed from sunset to sunrise and in times of restricted visibility during daylight hours. A vessel’s lights should indicate:

  • What type of vessel it is
  • What the vessel is doing
  • The direction that the vessel is travelling.

Powerboats under 12 m in length while underway must show:*masthead lights, a sternlight and a sidelight, or*sidelights and an all round white light.

Recreational vessels at anchor

Diagram showing the correct navigation lights of rec vessels at anchor

All recreational vessels must show an all-round white light while at anchor. If the vessel is drifting (underway but not making way) the vessel must display sidelights, masthead light and stern light.