Boat owners are responsible for ensuring all equipment for launching and retrieval is adequate. Your boat should be trailerable at all times and your trailer must be kept in good running order. Trailers do wear out over time but this ‘fair wear and tear’ can be reduced by preventative maintenance as listed:

Jockey Wheels: We do not take responsibility of jockey wheels of any type.

For convenience and boat safety it is advisable not to rely on conventional jockey wheels for supporting craft in dry storage. We strongly recommend that you take your jockey wheel home, grease it and put it away for road use. A length of suitable heavy pipe in its place will be stronger, safer and far more functional for drainage.

Trailer Wheels:

We cannot launch your boat without regularly maintained wheel bearings and properly inflated tyres.

Safety Chains:

Turnbuckles are a menace on slipways due to the changing angle of the boat instead you should fix two safety chains; one from the trailer to the boat and the second one to your trailer for towing. All fittings and connections on safety chains and winches should be; stainless steel, sturdy and preferably clip on type, sized correctly for eye fitting on bow of boat and simple and easy to attach and undo.


For efficient launching all trailers should have a manual winch. Electric winches should be removed as they can be damaged. Winch straps deteriorate and snap, good quality cable should be used. Yaringa takes no responsibility if winch straps or cables break.


Best take your brakes home and store them away for road use.


Must be Australian standard 50mm, click down, not screw or lever type and kept in good working order (greased twice a year).

Loose and Dangly Bits:

Electrical connections and leads, light boards, awnings, fenders, loose mudguards or numberplates are unnecessarily at risk, so please take them home with your jockey wheels and brakes. The marina takes no responsibility for loose or dangly bits nor for outboard legs, centre plates or rudders which are not raised and 100% secured for retrieving and towing to and from dry storage.


For repairs and maintenance a list of contractors is available on our website