Weekly Fishing Report 4/11/2012

It’s fair to say that from now on the boat ramps will be chaos. The level of madness in this situation is directly related to the users. So if you’re going do to launch your boat you need to do some preparation at home. Firstly make sure your boat’s battery is charged, second is to make sure you have a docking line tied and ready in your boat, next is to check all of your essential equipment (navigation lights, tilt and trim, keystart, steering, fuel, oil, GPS and so on), then you need to check your trailer (lights, breaks, tie downs, winch). Always make sure you have coins for the launching fee, and while you’re waiting your turn to launch remove any tie down, double check your bungs and pay for your ticket. This way when it comes your turn to launch your boat all you have to do is back it in, start the engine, undo the safety chain and winch strap. Now it’s as simple as docking the boat and finding a carpark. The ramp itself is not a place for preparation, all of your preparation should of been done prior to reaching the water’s edge. Now if you’re launching your boat in the dark please remember to dim your lights as a courtesy to the other users. If we all follow these few simple rules everybody will be on the water quicker and with a lot less stress.

This week James Rogers (Unreel Fishing Charters) has fished just about everywhere in Port Phillip and Western Port Bay in the quest to find his customers their species of choice and reports “Snapper this week in  Port Phillip bay have been sensational with mostly all boats getting  fish. There is no doubt that the mornings have been the best bite time  from around first light till 9 or 10 am, Afternoons in Port Phillip  bay have definitely been a little harder but still a reasonable option  as we bagged most of our afternoon charters throughout the last  week. Where most of the fish have been coming from? Frankston and Mt  Eliza 16 metres has been the money area over the last 10 days Ansetts  and the hospital right through to the mile bridge area in 15 – 17 metres has been very consistent and definitely a go to area. Fishing this area during the first light period is almost a sure thing. Other locations that have been very good are from Frankston to Chelsea in 20  meters  and alongside the shipping channel in this area, Also the  Gasso area out from Mordialloc in 18- 19 meters has been very reliable  as has Carrum – Chelsea 14-17 meters. Snapper at this time of the year have the potential to be  every where and from one day to the next they might pop up  anywhere, My prediction for the next week is that the Gasso -Fawkner  beacon area will really fire up for those who love to fish in those  areas! also I expect that they will continue to get thicker and  thicker from Mt Eliza -Carrum in 15-19meters and over the coming week  anywhere here on first light should be an almost sure thing! My recommendation is to please practice sensible fishing and remember  that snapper are not very good at being caught and released and once  they have suffered barotrauma (inflated air bladder) they have little or no chance of survival so I encourage anglers to be responsible and  catch your bag limit and then leave the snapper till next time!!    Squid: calamari are still a no show in all the normal areas from Mt  Martha – Frankston however it will be any day and we will have them  back again, There is plenty of Calamari still around from Dromana  through to Portsea and from Queenscliff to Portarlington. Calamari  have also been great all through Westernport bay. Garfish: We are  still not seeing many gars at all through the upper half of port  Phillip bay but expect they wont be too far away it is unfortunate but those expecting to catch their own bait for snapper fishing at the  moment will have to buy some bait as our gars and squid are not very  plentiful yet!   King George Whiting: Whiting have been ridiculously  good the go to area is still St Leonards with bag limit catches being  taken day after day, all the other areas in southern Port Phillip  still have reliable Whiting and are still worth a look but not in as  good numbers as St Leonards. Western Port Bay has been amazing on the  Whiting front there are so many very big fish there and it is normal  at the moment to bag out on fish averaging 40-45 cm, the Middle  Spit ,Tankerton, Hastings and all the northern banks in the north arm  have all got plenty of whiting on and as is usually the case most  people are ignoring them or not aware of them due to all the snapper  hype!!!  so there is plenty going on good luck and great fishing ! Cheers James Rogers”

This week at Mornington Boat Hire we have seen the fishing go from strength to strength. Flathead have been to 50cm and best targeted in 8 to 19m of water with pilchards as bait. We are starting to see a few squid as well with Fishies beach and Bird Rock being the pick of the spots. Whiting are still in good numbers with those willing to put in the time getting some great results, Mills Beach, Hawkers Beach, and Linely Point have been the choice locations and baits of mussels and pippies the best choices, burley has been very helpful. This week at Mornington we have seen quite a lot of gummy sharks, these have ranged in size from just legal to well over a metre. Best locations have been C buoy and the outer mussel farm baits of squid and pilchards with a heavy burley have produced the best results. Snapper at Mornington this week have just been getting better and better. Mornings have on all been the best but that being said snapper at this time of the year are capable of turning it on at anytime. The snapper continue to be of good size up to 8kg, best bait has been pilchards followed closely by squid, burley has been a great aid. Best places to bag a brace of reds has been from Mt Eliza – Fishies Beach.


Jonny from Yaringa Boat Hire (0428 001 286) reports that while the snapper in Western Port have been good, the whiting have been great! The biggest whiting landed this week was a massive 58cm, the giant was caught in the deep water outside Watsons Inlet. The best bait for the whiting has been mussel and pippies. Also in the inlets and on the banks we are seeing salmon, pike, flathead, pinkie snapper, garfish, mullet, leatherjacket, squid and grass whiting. The deeper waters from Hastings to Badge Harbour are seeing some nice snapper and Gummy sharks caught in the run out tide, the best baits have been fresh salmon, squid, pilchards and garfish. 


Tight Lines and Calm Seas

Paul Pingiaro

Managing Director

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Photo by Paul Pingiaro, Ria Ua, Joseph Mareta, Piere Ua and Vatra Tapora with a lovely catch of from Mornington Boat Hire. The biggest fish was 6kg