Weekly Fishing Report 26th November 2012

To understand fishing first you must understand the weather and the patterns that cycles that dictate our climate. Fish are creatures of instinct, they follow the lunar cycle and their mood is dictated by the prevailing conditions and pressure systems. While me may not feel as effected by the weather we must understand that in the aquatic world that 10 metre down is the same as us climbing up to 10,000 feet! Water has a much higher density that air so temperature changes are more notable as different fish have different comfort levels, this combined with weather systems and lunar phases gives our fish their moods and habits. While trying to decipher this intricate piscatorial code can take years anglers can start to break the code by keeping a fishing diary noting the following:

Date, location, species, bait, water temperature, barometer (rising/falling), depth, moon, tide, time fished. 

Over time you will notice that the fish that you’re targeting are following patterns in weather and lunar cycles! But remember while being completely predictable in the same breath fish can be totally unpredictable and that’s what makes fishing “Fishing”.

James Rodgers from unreel fishing charters reports “Port Phillip snapper has definitely been the talk of the town, and finally we have reached that magic             17 degrees which seems to trigger very hungry snapper everywhere! This also triggers the time where the middle of the day and the afternoon bite becomes very very good! This has been evident as many many friends and associates have been bagging out in record time every afternoon over the past week. We have also had an amazing stretch of record bag out time charters and there is nothing quite like the mayhem of having every rod in the boat all hooked up at the same time and having big snapper coming in right left and centre!!! Last week i would say that the areas that seemed to hold the most snapper were from black rock to Brighton in 12-16 metres and from Chelsea to Seaford in the same depths with Chelsea, Carrum and Seaford 15 metres being the go to area. I think this will continue for some time and i have to say that these areas have held fish in numbers that i honestly can say are all most better than i have ever seen in my life!!

Of course there are still plenty of snapper in all other areas and Frankston- Mornington 18-19 metres has been quite good also! Best baits have been without a doubt humble pilchards, silver whiting and red rockets have been great. Best times have been first light and or mid-late afternoon from around 3-7:30pm best methods have been to anchor and burley hard using pilchard pieces and or yellow snapper burley nuts or snapper snack nuts a small handful sprinkled around the boat every   3-5 mins will soon bring them to the back of the boat provided you are in the right area!

My prediction for the coming week is to keep an eye on the 13- 15 metre line from Frankston -Mordialloc.  The whole 19 metre line is currently holding a lot of snapper and the I believe that sometime over the next week or so these will really fire up. I know snapper are the talk of the town at the moment but I need to mention that for those who only have an eye for king george whiting, Western port bay in the North arm is totally loaded with very healthy whiting a number of my mates have been doing very well every trip with no particular area standing out over another,

The middle spit and both sides of the north arm including all the northern banks. So they are very much worth giving them a go. Calamari are still patchy from Mornington- Frankston but are going great down south around Rye and Sorrento with some great catches around the sisters in Blairgowrie. Garfish are still nowhere to be seen from Mornington to -Brighton and we hope they will be coming soon!”

For those land locked anglers out there some good options are starting to present. Whiting are a true option from the beach between Rye and Mount Martha. Best time is late evening and best baits are mussels, pipes and sand worms. From the piers Mornington is producing mullet and a few squid, Stony Point has a few squid, Blairgowrie has squid and the occasional whiting and Mordi and Brighton have a few snapper in the night hours.

Clients at Mornington Boat Hire have been catching snapper to 5kg and some great flathead to 1kg. This week we have also seen the squid come back…Finally! While they have not been thick they are there. Whiting have been a little harder this week but they are still about but some patience is required. For the snapper try 16-18m out from the pier and 12m around the mussel farm. For whiting and squid head over to Mills beach and Sunnyside.

Yaringa Boat Harbour

Jonny at Yaringa Boat Hire has seen some great catches this week with quite a few snapper to 4kg and whiting to 45cm. The snapper have been best on the run out tide, while the whiting have been good at all times. Other fish getting caught in the area have been gummy sharks, leatherjackets, salmon, trevally, salmon flathead and mullet.

Yaringa and Western Port is only going to get better over the next few weeks and months as the water temperature heats up and the whiting really come on, add to this the elephant fish and gummies and some ripping fishing awaits the WPB angler!

From the surf salmon are about from the Mornington Peninsula Back Beaches as well as Kilcunda. 

Stay tuned as soon I will be doing a summer wrap on everything fishing that South East Melbourne has to offer!


Tight lines and calm seas 

Paul Pingiaro


Managing Director

Mornington Boat Hire, Bait & Tackle Pty Ltd

Schnapper Point Boat Hire, Mornington, Port Phillip Bay. www.fishingmornington.com

Yaringa Boat Hire, Somerville, Western Port Bay. www.westernportboathire.com.au

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p: 0417 551 373

The “smile” says it all…
A great day fishing was had by all… we will be coming back soon!!!